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Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a variety of treatment modalities to meet each patient's individual needs.  I use the following modalities in conjunction with acupuncture or on its own depending on the patient’s needs and preferences.

Coming for a treatment

An acupuncture session consist of a consultation and the treatment itself. At the initial consultation I spend around 45mins discussing your condition and your overall health. This allows me to formulate a diagnoses according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a treatment plan which is discussed with you based on your needs and priorities. After the initial consultation I typically discuss your progress and adapt my treatment plan according to your progress.

Does it hurt?

Some people find acupuncture painless or just feel a mild discomfort where the needle is inserted. In other instances the sensation experienced may be stronger. Once the needle has been inserted into the acupuncture point, you may feel a tingling or numb sensation which is sometimes described as a dull ache.

How long does the treatment last?

Your initial consultation will take one and a half hours and will consist of a comprehensive assessment of your general health to make a diagnosis based on the diagnostic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This assessment will be followed by your first acupuncture session. The needles are left in place for 20 to 30 minutes. Subsequent treatment sessions lasts 45 minutes.

How many treatments would I need?

A course of treatment generally consists of five to ten sessions. The effects can be noticeable after the first or second session. Following the initial course of treatment, maintenance sessions may be recommended for chronic conditions.

How will I feel after treatment?

The response to acupuncture treatment is highly individual. Many patients report a dreamy sense of relaxed wellbeing. At other times you may feel quite uplifted.

If you feel unsure on what is the best treatment for your specific condition do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll be able to best advise you.  

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Acupuncture helps restore the flow of qi along the meridians to relieve pain and restore health. It also emphasizes the importance of self-help as part of treatment, involving patients in their own treatment and encouraging them to take control of their own health. Often treatment at a sufficiently early stage could prevent a mild discomfort from turning into a major illness.

Initial consultation and treatment: 90mins - £70
Follow-up session: 45mins - 1hr £60
Weekend IVF sessions: 45mins - 1hr £70

Course of 5 follow-up sessions: £275
Low income: 10% discount


Cupping consists on placing glass cups that have been briefly heated on the skin to create a suction. The suction moves blood and qi locally to reduce fluid build-up, increase blood circulation and stop pain. It has many uses including pain relief and it can be combined with acupuncture treatment.

Included in acupuncture treatment: £60
Standalone: 30mins - £35

Gua Sha

Gua sha involves repeated pressured strokes with a smooth edge gua sha tool along muscles or acupuncture meridians. It is mainly used to stimulate blood flow and promote healing. It works similar to a deep tissue massage and can be very effective to treat muscular pain.

Included in acupuncture treatment: £60
Standalone: 30mins £35


Moxibustion is a technique used to warm the acupuncture points in order to encourage the flow of qi along the meridians. This technique has shown to be very effective to turn a breech baby and it is often recommended by midwives.

Included in acupuncture treatment: £60 
Standalone: 30mins £35

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

The Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture treatment is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and involves the insertion of very fine needles into particular areas of the face. Specific points are stimulated according to how an individual is aging. A person with excess puffiness, for example, would require a different treatment than someone with dry skin. Other points in the body are stimulated to encourage the flow of qi along the meridians.

Initial consultation and treatment: 90mins £95
Follow-up session: 45mins - 1hr £70

Course of 5 follow-up sessions: £325
Low income: 10% discount
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